Welcome to Our Family Farm

As farmers, we understand the importance of providing fresh and healthy options for your family to enjoy. Whether you have a backyard garden, a gorgeous flower bed, or just want to try some local produce, be sure to stop by our farm or one of our market locations and say hello!

About Us

Our small family-owned and operated farm has been growing local produce for over seven years in York Springs, Pennsylvania. We now have six greenhouses and many acres of farmland for growing our large selection of beautiful plants, and fresh produce.

Events & Classes

We offer lots of hands-on and interactive events and classes at our farm from miniature gardens to succulent bowls to wreath making. We have special events for kids!

Recent Blog Posts

Plants That Repel Ticks

Herbs aren't just good for culinary purporses. Some herbs repels insects. Here are a few herbs that repel those dreaded and disgusting ticks!   Lavender   There are many different lavender varieties. Lavender is a perennial that has a nice smell and beautiful flowers....

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Gray Lavender Santolina

ZONE: 6-9 HEIGHT: 18-24" DESCRIPTION: General: Dense, rounded mound of unique, silver-white aromatic foliage and stems of clustered tiny yellow blooms. Traditional low hedge or edging plant. Drought tolerant, once established. Culinary Uses: The leaves are used for...

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New Annual for 2018 – Solar Tower Sweet Potato Vine

Check out another new plant we have this year!  This is Solar Tower Sweet Potato Vine. It is the first ever vining sweet potato vine. It grows 4 to 6 feet tall!  It is ideal to grow up a trellis or in a mixed container with a trellis or bamboo stick. It is heat...

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